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Converse Shoe Wearin Girls are Hot

Im sure id feel much worse if i werent under such heavy sedation

Welcome to the Leper Colony
9 February
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So keep on Pretending
our heaven's worth the waiting
Keep on Pretending
it's all right
So keep on Pretending
it will be the end of our craving
Keep on Pretending
it's all right...

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If you were on South Park, what would you look like? (for guys) by vexedfusion
Do you think you are cool?
Here you are in your Southpark Glory
Percentage of people who like this character...: 19%
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All imgs made here.... I used this site to create all the characters here
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I'm Ludvig II, the Swan King of Bavaria!
Which Historical Lunatic Are You?
From the fecund loins of Rum and Monkey.
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